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Mike (getthepoint)
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This story looks to be true. Looks like Morbid Angel's drummer became a Christian and left the band. Confirmation anyone? Interesting if true

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Yeah I just heard about this would definately be pretty awesome if it is true



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Sounds pretty legit to me. Great news!

As an interesting side note, I wonder if he has any musical plans for the future.... :)


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Mike (getthepoint)
Posts: 497

Good side note there Zymologist. Every thing I have looked up online makes it look pretty legit. There are a lot of angry Morbid Angel fans that have bashed him on forums for it. Awesome stuff though. God can bring anyone to Himself, if they are willing. I wanna see him do a project with an awesome Christian band now :D

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Pretty sweet.  It reminds me of like when Head came to Christ.  There were a lot of mad Korn fans.


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pete sandovol?!?! that's amazing. morbid angel was my favorite. i might shed a tear! thanks be to god!!


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