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Hey everyone!  If you want to learn more about me, you can visit my profile page here:

Dwelling in wastelands
Lead me to the deepest wells
Never poisoned by the world
Grace, the only nourishment
-Extol, Wasteland



If anyone is thirsty, come to Christ and drink.  Living water flows from Him.

-Mortification, Vital Fluids

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Reply The Bearded Dragon
5:04 PM on July 28, 2017 
Yeah I've listened to Hortor once or twice. I want to get them on the comp.
Reply The Bearded Dragon
2:12 PM on July 28, 2017 
Blogs going good! I'd probably say my favorite genre is Death Metal or Thrash Metal at this point. When I joined the forum early last year, it was probably metalcore. Heck, when I signed on, I didn't even like black metal. The other day I ordered Horde's album on vinyl. This forum has helped me explore my musical tastes! Thanks man!
Reply Siberian
4:47 PM on September 23, 2016 
Which bands are in the picture in your signature? They look familar but don't want to guess wrong.
Reply avragorn
3:11 AM on July 25, 2016 
Hi Matthew :) Yes, I come back sometimes here. I am not doing that well, but it is ok, now I am used to. And you ?
I didn't listen to Christian Metal bands lately but if you want some recommendations of bands I really love now, I highly recommend BE'LAKOR, an australian band playing Melodic Death Metal, a kind of mix of IN FLAMES, OPETH, INSOMNIUM .... it is very sophisticated, I really love it, they just released their new album "Vessels", excellent album, even if I prefer their second last album "Of Breath And Bone". I love the new GOJIRA album too "Magma", but I am not really objective because they are french and I am following them since 1998 :) There is another recent album I love, it is AVATAR "Feathers & Flesh", it is a swedish band, they are quite original, mixing Groove Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Hard Rock, ... I knew their previous albums and I didn't really like but their new album "Feathers & Flesh" is an excellent surprise to me, I love it ! And there is another band I love, from Finland, it is called WHISPERED, they just released their new album "Metsutan - Songs of the Void", they mix Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal and Japanese Music, their songs are mostly about samurais, so the reviews say that they play "Samurai Metal" :D .....
Well, I won't fill your page :D
All the best :)
- Gilles -
Reply The Bearded Dragon
5:07 PM on July 21, 2016 
I had a top ten Christian metal vocalists recently and a soon to be put up one, top ten Christian metal bassists
Reply Slaughter_ed
1:56 AM on August 9, 2015 
Thank you Matthew!! Yeah I'll try to be more in the forum!! Take care and blessings from Guatemala!
Reply Slaughter_ed
7:30 PM on July 28, 2015 
Hey Matthew! Sorry for my late reply! I'm good thank you, I have a new job and I'm more busy so for that reason I was out from the forum but I'll try to be more active now! how are you? hope all is fine and well! Blessings
Reply livingsacrifice
2:12 PM on July 20, 2015 
It's pretty solid. It will never relive the days of Zao past but it's better than half of the albums coming out lately. I didn't care for them much after Funeral of God but they will always have a special place for me simply for their live shows, they are just my favorite live band ever. I would drive quite a distance to see them live if they played a few shows around this album or single release. Lately I've been getting a lot into the new Phinehas album, great stuff.
Reply livingsacrifice
2:01 PM on July 20, 2015 
To be honest I haven't listened to the new mortification yet, or should i say final album.. I do have break the curse on vinyl coming in the mail next week. What's your thoughts on the new Zao singles?
Reply livingsacrifice
1:53 PM on July 20, 2015 
Hey bro, thanks for the message. I've been doing well just never make it on this forum anymore. Same with being on, I always forget to scrobble. Just been listening to whatever new comes out and I'm liking that new Nyves album, good stuff. How you been doing?
Reply avragorn
11:59 AM on July 20, 2015 
Thanks :)

I could try again, but I would have to wait next may 2016, and the problem is that they told me that they usually don't accept people who are trying to find a new kind of jobs, they prefer to accept the youngest people who almost never worked before :( So I really want to work in libraries, but the system doesn't accept me ::(

Thanks for your kind words about my english :) I try to improve my english everyday, I still make many mistakes. I would like to work at the french embassy in Southwest USA (so it is in L.A. but it is for all the states in this area : California, Arizona, ...) in the culture department (movies, music, books, ....), but it is extremely difficult to find a job : we really have to perfectly speak, write and understand the english language, and if we don't know anyone, it is difficult to find a job there :(
Reply avragorn
11:18 AM on July 20, 2015 
Hi :)

Yes, my friend does many things that don't make sense, I have understood that. She considers herself as a goddess and so she treats many other people like if they were nothing. She was extremely when I sent her many gifts, and now she says that she doesn't care about the gifts I sent her :(

Yes, I posted many things on facebook and instagram about "Mad Max : Fury Road", my favorite movie of the year (it is the only movie I watched at a movie theater this year so .... :D ). I really love it, I wanted to watch it a few times because the movies are the best when we watch them at the movie theaters, but I couldn't afford to pay a few tickets for the same movie, I preferred to save my money.

And I didn't tell you, last year in summer 2014 I had a session to help me to find another kind of jobs, and I had a few externships in libraries, and everything was perfect, so I wanted to work in libraries, but in France we have to do some special studies for that, and I had to wait last may to do the entry exams, but I failed :( One of the guy in the jury was always very aggressive, he almost insulted me and almost all the other people, and .. he is the director of the school ! So .. I failed :( And now I feel lost, I don't know what to do in my life :(
Reply deathisgain
7:56 AM on July 20, 2015 
Hey Matthew, thanks for asking, but not yet. Got a few more songs to work out .
Reply avragorn
1:03 AM on July 20, 2015 
Hi Matthew :)
How are you ?
Sorry, I am not much active here, I don't know what to post. I don't know many christian metal bands, and I am not much into most of the bands you and the other members post about. There are a few ones I really like a lot. So I don't know what I would post :(
I have a few troubles with a girl who was supposed to be my best friend, she doesn't stop telling lies, she blocked me on all the social sites for no reason (we only had a very small fight, nothing serious, so it would be extremely ridiculous from her if she blocked me because of that), so she blocked me everywhere and she says that she removed her accounts because many people were bullying her, but I have found out thta she changed her username or started new accounts and blocked me on the new accounts. So it extremely hurts me. I am knowing her for almost 3 years, and I would have thought she would be able to do something like that :(
But I am doing quite well, even if I am extremely tired, it is very warm in my area in France, so I go to bed very late so that it is more pleasant to do things when it is less warm, and I wake up very early to open all the windows to make come maximum fresh and colder air into the house before it gets warmer outside.
Thank you very much for your message :)
All the best,
- Gilles -
Reply Disillusionaire
12:57 PM on March 27, 2015 
If you want some good sermons to listen too while your driving I have the best web site I ever found with them. has an abundant amount of sermons from many different churches and you can download an mp3 version of all of them. I listen to them often mainly from Jason Cooley and a local church where I live, but I am checking more out. I hope you enjoy the site :)
Reply Slaughter_ed
2:08 PM on August 7, 2014 
Hi Matthew, how r u? hope all is fine and ok! I just wanna talk you about help you with some stuff on the forum, I'll try to found you on facebook! Blessings from Guatemala!
Reply Ydi
6:48 PM on July 8, 2014 
Yup, I am working because I have to save up for my move. And if God wills it, I'll start my masters in September. But let me tell you I don't know how excited I am about going back to school, I have been out for a few years now. I think the older I get the more I procrastinate, or maybe it's just bad time management. Better get my act together though. Glad you're enjoying your time off. :)
Reply Ydi
9:41 PM on July 7, 2014 
Hey friend! Hope you're enjoying your summer. You must be off school. Or do they still make you go in? Busy with any writing?
Reply Disillusionaire
6:11 PM on July 1, 2014 
How is everything going with your job? Have you settled in yet?
Reply Kerrick
1:57 PM on May 18, 2014 
Thanks Matthew! Up the irons!!!